Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That Kid

Well, Bug's first day of school resulted in many tears and much consternation.
I cried. He was confused.
My oldest child is THAT kid.
You know the one.
The child who won't mind. Who yells at his teachers. Who acts out and disrupts the entire class.
To add insult to injury, he scratched and pinched bother the teacher and the assistant.
And we don't know why.
We have theories.
Which all amount to a big steaming pile of shat.
That I stepped in.
Because, being the stellar mother I am, I was so upset when I found out, I couldn't even pull myself together enough to ask the questions I needed to ask or to handle my child appropriately.
He needed a hug, and I was so shocked and upset, I didn't give it.
I was THAT mom.
I should have hugged my son, listened to him, and then dealt with the problem.
But hindsight is always 20/20.
I had to go back to the school for face time with the teacher.
Which resulted in what The Man and I are hoping will be a workable solution.
First, Bug will apologize. He knows it was wrong. He knows he has to say sorry.
Then we go forward from there.
So I'm sitting at work, my tears glands barely contained and my ulcer on a rampage, hoping for a better day today.
I'm bribing withe the promise of cup cakes.
And praying to any God I can think of for assistance.

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