Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy days!

In my little world, it's always a happy day when a favorite author comes out with a new book.
Right now, I'm having happy multiple days (aren't i a lucky girl?) because not one, but TWO favorite authors have new books coming out in the next two months.
One book, by Diana Gabaldon, I have waited two long years for.

The second, Charlaine Harris, was recently discovered and a much shorter wait.

But I am so excited!
I've told my family to leave me alone. They know to expect snarls and growls at any interruption. They know to tread lightly and not to disturb me.
Because I'll be in the zone, racing through pages that are still fresh and crisp, immersed in characters I know and love. The real world will fall away and I will find myself riding the wilds of America or facing down a hungry vampire.
And I will be in literary heaven.
Someone stake me. I'm done!

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