Monday, August 17, 2009

Thou doth protest too much!

I've notice over the years that people tend to protest.
No, really!
And I'm not talking about the sign holding protest.
I'm talking about the people who issue the following statements:
"My job is great! I just love it so much! My boss is fantastic and I'm so lucky to be here!"
"Everyone tells me how beautiful my babies are!" or the accompanying e-mail headed "My beautiful babies!"
"This is exactly where I want to be in my marriage/career/life--I wouldn't change anything!"
And I've got one word for these protesters.
Plain and simple.
People who feel the need to expound on how wonderful something is or how they wouldn't change anything, in my oh so humble opinion, are probably unhappy with something and compensating.
I like my life. My kids are pretty good looking, and I've got a good job.
Would I change things?
Hell yes!
Who wouldn't?
Do I think my kids are damned good looking? Yes, but I don't preface every e-mail, conversation, or sentence addressed to them with a gushing comment on their looks.
I tend to remind them that they will be doctors and presidents when they grow up.
Do I think I have a good job. Yep. But there are better ones out there.
And I would certainly change things. I would have more money, a bigger house, a pool house for Pedro to live in . . .oops! Forgot The Man reads this!
I would be thinner, a bit taller, with manageable hair. I would have published books and an entourage and speaking engagements.
But does that mean I'm unhappy?
Nope. Just that I understand that life is good, but never perfect. I am married to a man I love, but I don't expect him to fulfill my dreams. That I have three pretty good kids who don't scare other children. And that I am secure enough in who and what i am not to feel the need to gush and gloat and try to make everyone else see how great my life is.
Because the people who do that? They are missing something inside of themselves. They are unhappy with something and they divert attention in the only way they know how.
They have some base insecurity that they are not good enough, their kids are not good enough/pretty enough/whatever enough, that their job is not good enough.
And, thankfully, I'm not that insecure.

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Tara said...

Speak for yourself darling. You know damn well I have the most picture perfect job, the most lovable, cutest, sweetest baby EVER and a husband who... who... who...