Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Punk has discovered the joys of the word, "No."
Normally said loudly and with much enthusiasm to any question, comment, or even a look she's taken offense at.
At dinner last night, her uncle tried to give her a bite, and her response, "NO!"
Ask her if she's hungry? "NO!" But she toddles towards her seat.
Walk by and stop to glance at her? "NO!"
Does she want more? "NO!"
Down? "NO!"
Left alone? "NO!"
She stopped and thought about that one.
She is proud of her favorite word and uses it to great effect for every detail of her day.
"Punk, your diaper's on fire. Would you like me to put that out?"
"No" has replaced her earlier obsession, "Mine," although we still get visits from it and its cousin, "Why?"
The Man finds it funny to hear this sweet baby voice yelling, "NO!" for no apparent reason.
So I make him try to reason with her.
You think its cute, you deal with it.
And may the gods have mercy on your soul.

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