Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The face

Today is the day we meet Bug's preschool teacher.
Today is the day I stand face to face with the woman who will begin my son down his journey of academia.
Today is the day that I look into the eye of the woman responsible for my child's safety and decide if she is worthy of that trust.
It's also the day that I pray that she looks beyond the excited little boy long enough to realize that he has a willing and agile brain to care for him.
I will look her in the eye and decide if she is going to be my partner in this year long venture or if we might as well get the gloves on and have it out.
I have fond memories of my childhood teachers. I want my kids to have the same sort of affectionate and firm classroom setting that I did.
I want them to love books and knowledge and school.
And this woman, one of two, will make that a reality or a dream for my oldest boy.
I only hope that, hen I look into the face of Bug's teacher, I find someone with the same goals looking back at me.
And I remember all of my teachers growing up. I thank them, knowing they put me in good stead for my future.
I hope this woman does the same for my child.

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