Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy birthday Bubba!

The Man's brother is Bubba.
Today he turns some indeterminate age. Really. I'm not sure how old he is this year. Older than The Man, but that doesn't say much.
Bubba is a photographer extraordinaire. He's the one I call when I want pics of the heathens--mostly because I know he'll have the patience to get good pics even while they are running around like loons.
And because his photos catch my kids as I'd like them to be--clean, well behaved, and not certifiable.
He's an important part of my husband's small family--and he understands the choices we have made regarding that family. While important to me, that support is invaluable to my husband, which would be enough to endear Bubba to me if I didn't adore him anyway.
He also had the good sense to marry my fantastic sister in law. Major points in his favor.
The brothers have excellent taste in wives, if I do say so myself.
Happy birthday, Bubba. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday to you imaginary friend. Hey - you claimed he can capture our kids when they AREN'T certifiable.... :)