Friday, August 14, 2009

Bevy of Bears

As if living with Boo's Bear Bear wasn't enough, we now have to deal with Punk's obsessive compulsive love.
Of half a dozen blankets, lovies, and one Pooh Bear dressed as Eeyore.
All of which she calls Bear Bear.
Every morning, she gathers her friends like a miser gathers money, clutching them as tightly as she can in arms that don't quite surround the items. She holds them through diaper change, through hair brushing, teeth brushing, dressing, and turning her loose.
En route to the living room, they begin to fall one by one.
Which results in pitiful cries of "Bear! Bear!" and pointing.
And if you aren't quite fast enough, a meltdown.
Her entourage includes a pink and brown blanket, a Little Giraffe lovie, two taggies, a Noukie that she stole from her brothers, and Eeyore.
And if she can get away with it, the Original Bear Bear.
It is OCD at its finest.
I'm almost afraid to ask what's next.
I don't know how much more she can carry.
And i don't know how I'll keep all the Bear Bear's organized when they are breeding like bunnies behind my back.

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Tara said...

Buy her a little wagon in which she can lovingly place them every morning and tow them behind her where ever she goes...