Monday, April 28, 2008

I feel like I'm back in school

And I'm failing math, yet again.
There's a reason I'm and Arts and Sciences kind of gal. There's a reason I always took English, speech, drama, and history. There's a reason I have degree in Broadcasting and Journalism.
That reason is . . .
The bane of my existence.
I have fought through math problems ever since I can remember.
And they just don't get any easier.
I'm sitting at my new job and there is math involved, and I'm near tears and ready to quit.
All because 2 plus 2 to me involves x's and y's and a lot of other crap.
And I keep reminding myself that I have three children to help through the horrors of mathematics. I have to be like Indiana Jones, guiding my kids around the perils and pitfalls of math.
They'd better come equipped with a utility belt and a better guide, 'cause mama's going to get them in trouble, for sure.
I feel like I'm in school again, staring at a math problem that just keeps growing and growing and turns into the big hairy green monster below my bed.
And my daddy can't chase this one away.

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