Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why wouldn't I?

Why wouldn't I vaccinate my kids?
There are studies linking it autism, death, and all sort of sundry things. But there are an equal if not greater number citing the preventative quantities and discussing the traditional minute side effects.
I understand that my children could have an allergic reaction and die. I worry about it every time I have an injection given to protect them from communicable diseases.
I also worry about every child that isn't vaccinated coming near my own.
Its selfish, I guess, for me to wish that every other parent would vaccinate their child in order to protect mine. but that's just the kind of mama I am.
I have read more studies and articles than i care to admit. I have discussed it with my pediatrician, my husband, my friends, and online.
It shocks me when I talk with my pediatrician that she tells me that so many parents come in armed with half understood "Facts" and when she tries to discuss it with them, they won't listen.
My thoughts are I pay big insurance premiums so I can take my children to an expert--how stupid would I be not to consider her expertise?
I am an educated woman, but no doctor of pediatric medicine. My pediatrician has been to school and specialized in pediatrics. She stays current on vaccines and treatments and that is what I pay for her to do! I pay for her to tell me what she recommends so that i can make the best, informed decision for my children.
But other parents seem to only pay those high premiums to tell their pediatrician's that they are wrong. Don't throw away you money on insurance, just send it to me.
I don't think parents should do everything a pediatrician recommends. Its your child, and you need to make the best decisions you can. But why even go to a doctor if you won't listen to their recommendations? How logical is that?
My other concern is the fact that we are a transient society. Even though i live in a relatively small city and the chances of my child coming into contact with one of these diseases is small, I feel fairly certain the people on that plane with the man sick from TB thought the same thing.
And look where that got them?
Vaccinate or don't vaccinate--your choice. But do me a favor? Keep your unvaccinated kids far away from everyone and everything, including my own kids, just in case.

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