Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do. I even think I have a few spectral visitors.
I'm pretty sure they are family because they love tormenting my husband.
We bought my grandparents house. When the hubby was over here late one night before we moved in, he swears the room got cold and he felt like someone was watching him.
He also thinks someone touched his neck.
Being a strong, manly kind of guy, he ran like hell to get me.
Waking me up, he babbled out the story, whereas I told him it was probably my grandpa and to hike back over there and apologize for being rude.
He did.
That was experience number one.
After my miscarriage, while hubby was deployed to Cuba, I had a pretty frequent visitor. It flicked the lights, moved things, you know, normally ghostly activity. It was a man who stood in my hallway and most often got the brunt of my angry, post lost rages.
That was number two.
The boys are always talking to and watching someone in their room. They seem happy, so i don't stress too much.
Number three.
When Punk was born, Bug told my mom, a friend, and my husband that his grandpa had been there and just passed through the ceiling.
nice to know daddy made it to his baby granddaughter's birthday. I should have known he wouldn't miss it.
And last weekend, while hubby was up late painting, someone kept passing by the room wearing a brown flannel shirt. My grandpa normally wore a ratty brown flannel shirt around the house, so I figure he was checking out hubby's painting skills.
He didn't run this time, though it was a near thing. You see what I mean about myf amily tormenting him? They love it!
I'm pretty open to things that go bump in the night as long as they don't wake me, the kids, or break anything.
I figure my family was always there for me when alive, why would death make a difference?
And they're just kind of nosey, dead or alive!
So what do you think? Got any great ghost stories to share or just think its a crock of crap?

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