Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just call me Bessie.

I'm officially a milk cow.
I produce too much milk for my baby girl to eat by herself, so I'm farming out my services (and my Ta Ta's) to make milk for other babies.
I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. If you choose to feed formula, no judgements here. But as for me and my kids, we use the breast.
With my first, who mutilated my breast with his freakish latch, I pumped for a year, worrying about every ounce and every pumping session like the fate of the world rested on it. In some ways, it did. My baby boy had to be fed.
With my second, i nursed for five months, pumped until a year. By the time he was three months, I had enough in the freezer to feed him until his first birthday with a few pumps a day thrown in.
With this baby, I make enough milk to feed triplets. Punk is a good nurser, but doesn't eat that much pumped milk. She's a fresh from the tap kind of gal, she is! So I have extra. Over 3000 ounces already between my house and my mom's, and we're thinking of branching into neighboring freezers when we run out of room.
It's ridiculous.
I have so much milk that could be used by other mommies, how could I hoard it or, worse yet, pour it down the sink because Punk can't eat it all?
My pumped milk will be pasteurized and tested to insure its safety before its given to a premature or ill baby.
It's my own personal labor of love.
My babies have had the best. I'm just honored to be able to help another mother give her baby the best as well.
For more info, check out: http://www.mmbnt.org/

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