Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pimpin' Pretty

When you walk into a clothing store, make a pit stop by the girls section. Specifically, stop in front of the section of underthings for little girls.
And marvel at the sequined, sparkly push up bras and thongs designed for girls who have nothing to push and who should still be wearing Disney princess panties.
I don't know about you, but my first foray into the world of over the shoulder boulder holders involved little triangles of a soft fabric basically designed to keep the teeny nips from standing out when it got a little nipply or cold.
As an eight year old, I didn't have anything to push up, and certainly didn't need a piece of floss between the cheeks of my childish bottom.
Doctors have found an increase in infections in women who wear thong underwear, so the brilliant idea of manufacturers? To place young, maturing girls in in clothes that can cause grown women infections? Brilliant!
Not to mention the apparent increase in child related sexual attacks, no doubt exacerbated by an increasingly promiscuous manufacturing industry and a consumer culture that appears determined that every child should dress like Brittany Spears. In other words, like a mini prostitute.
Why should our daughters be forced to grow up in a society so sexualized that they are forced to be women before they ever have a chance to be little girls?
Why should our daughters have the breast buds pushed into constricting, physically inappropriate bras designed to titillate when the should be playing with dolls and having slumber parties?
Why can't our little girls just be little girls instead of being forced into an ideal that makes them mimic grown women?
I personally think it is because the manufacturers of these undergarments are men who either have secret pedophillic leanings or have never had daughters of their own.
Our daughters are here for us to cherish, to protect, and to raise into responsible adults. They are not here to shake anything, to push up anything, or to have their cheeks separated by a piece of string.
My daughter will have appropriate undergarments, and she will understand that, while Pimpin' Pretty Paula down the street has glitter, rhinestones, floss, and support, her mama loves her enough to realize that she will be grown up all too soon. Her mama loves her enough to make her stay a little girl a while longer, because all too soon, she'll be missing her childhood and wishing for a chance to wear Disney princess panties once more.


Sue said...

Ahhh, you said much more eloquently what I ws getting at last night! Props Mama!

Pierce's said...

hear hear momma !!! can I wear pretty disney princess undies still too ??? I no likey thongs , ewwwww ! {{{{HUGS}}}} to you and the rugrats !