Thursday, October 23, 2008

You know you're a mom when

You spend an hour destroying your house looking for your son's ratty pooh bear that he carries everywhere.
When you find yourself eBaying it, hoping to find replacement.
When you lift the couch to peer under it.
When you've dumped out the contents of three toys chests looking for it.
And when you are almost in tears when you see a worn white leg sticking out from under your bed and you go in to the child's room, triumphant, excited, relieved, expecting to find your child waiting anxiously, expecting to hear a gleeful, "BEAR!" cried out upon his arrival, to deliver the beloved friend and recieve a sloppy kiss.
Only to find your child has fallen asleep.

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The Nowling's said...

Ahh how sweet. Kevin has Tigger and blue blankie and Becca has her Pooh blankie. She is not too bad anymore but once we left it in NY and I had to beg my sister to mail it to me. She thought it was a good time to have Becca get over it. She cried and cried for her blankie.