Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing favorites

I love all of my kids.
I really do.
Most days.
But I find myself looking at these three unique individuals and wondering if I'm playing favorites.
Okay, the baby is still nursing and she loves me holding her. In fact she demands my attention when I'm at home.
I love to dress her in pretty clothes and to make her bows. I love our time together and am thrilled she's so happy to be with me. (Guilty pleasure that she prefers me over her daddy!)
So is she my favorite?
Or is Boo, who has beautiful blue eyes and the conversation skills of a trained lawyer. I love that he sucks his thumb and carries around his ratty Pooh bear.
I love the monster noises he makes, the fact that he loves to help, and that he calls snuggle a "nuggle."
Would that make him my favorite?
Could it be Bug, the oldest heathen in my crew? Is he my favorite?
Do I show my favoritism by scouring the Internet for a lost woobie replacement that has to be ordered from Sweden--which I've now done twice in two years.
Or is because he gets to do everything first? Is it because he tells me fantastic stories about his day that keep me riveted, or because I never know what he will say or do next?
Do you have to have a favorite child? Or is it a favorite child at that precise moment?
I would like to think, as a favored child myself, that I am unbiased and equal with my kids.
Some days, I know I'm not.
Do we have to have a favorite child? Or is it just the child whose easiest at that moment who is labelled the favorite?

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