Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That time of year

The weather is getting colder. The trees are losing their leaves. And my kids are stir crazy because it's too cold and dark too early to run outside, screaming like raving lunatics.
Plus their dad went back to work and doesn't have as much time to play.
This is The Man's favorite time of the year. He loves Halloween, dressing up, and especially, trick or treating. Scary movies are his first love, even though my yearly prank of setting up the computer with the theme music to Halloween sends him through the roof. Especially funny when he hears it in the middle of the night. Snicker.
For me, although i enjoy the cooler weather and the family activities, it's bittersweet. This is the time of year I remember everyone I have lost. On Halloween, I reminisce about them, knowing that that night they are close and I can almost touch them.
If I can just get the kids to stop devouring candy and bouncing off the walls in a sugar induce, candy corn high.
If I were a ghost, i would stay far away from my house for the next few weeks.
Seriously, many communities honor their dead during this time of year. They decorate graves, lay out favored meals, and set up shrines. The veil between the living and death is at its thinnest, and ghosts walk with the living.
To some, spooky stuff.
To me, my kids are scarier than any ghost.
So I open my house and my heart on Halloween to my lost loved ones and urge you to do the same.
Just make sure you're house is clean in case Granny shows up with the white glove inspection.
Happy Halloween!

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