Sunday, October 5, 2008

Musical Mayhem

With my first child, I scoured the web for appropriate lullabies and burn countless mix CD's to make sure he not only had a love of music, but that his brain developed too.
Bug does have a love of music. He also has a tin ear. Just like his Daddy.
his favorite lullaby? Loggins and Messina's "House on Pooh Corner."
We sing it obsessively. Even now, it's playing. Bug just ran over, "Yelled it's my song," and is trying to get him brother to sing it.
For Boo, I was tired. I admit it. I went for musical theater. Specifically Rogers and Hammerstein. "South Pacific."
I told you I was tired.
My middle child has the song "Blood Mary' s his very own. Only it's changed to "Stinky (insert his name) is the boy I love."
Poor child hates it. Probably gonna have a large therapy bill later on, but he's the middle child, so I expected that anyway.
Punk sent me straight for pop culture. Great White T's "Delilah."
I put Punk's first name in place of Delilah, can't remember half of the words, and sing "woo wooo" more often than the song calls for, but the baby is happy.
The Man sings to the kids as well, off key and without remembering the words, but he sings. From their father, my children have learned to sing "Rise up! Gather round! Rock this place to the ground. Give it up! Go for broke! Watch the night go up in smoke!"
Yup, he's raising baby head bangers in platform shoes and wearing make up. He's hoping for the next Gene Simmons (minus the freaky tongue) or AC/DC.
Needless o say, my husband's taste in music leaves a lot to be desired.
A lot.
So what do you sing to your kids?
Or what song was sung to you that is burned forever in your memory?
Wanna share? Post it here or on and
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