Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brotherly love

Boo's teachers have told us its obvious our boys love each other.
They share a playground, and ever so often, the recess gods align to allow our boys to share some play time.
Bug and Boo cry out each other names and run towards each other like a bad 70's movie scene, ending in a hug and words of affection.
The teachers get a huge kick out of it.
Especially since Boo plots to find his brothers classroom after they separate, and then sits with his face pressed to the classroom window.
Or when bug runs over because his little brother has fallen and busted his lip.
What they don't realize is this is the public facade.
At home, its WWF wrestling, no holds barred, cage match craziness.
But at least they remember to behave well in public.
With witnesses.

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