Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School sucks!

Or at least it's heading that direction.
For Bug.
We're still having problems. He's trying. I know he is. But he has good days and bad days.
But we're having some issues with the teacher and the teacher's assistant.
And we're trying to make steps for a meeting with the principal and the two offenders to resolve it.
I'm trying to control the mama bear that wants to come out when I hear my son say he doesn't think they like him.
I'm trying not to clutch him to my breast and keep him home when he tells me he doesn't want to go to school.
I'm trying to make this work.
But The Man and I feel like we're not getting the same effort in return.
The TA is always gruff with us and with Bug it seems, as well. He says she's always mad at him and he doesn't enjoy being around her.
She's about to get a can of whoop ass unloaded on her.
My son has gone from excited about school to not wanting to go in a months time. While I understand that kids go through phases, this is more than a phase. There are excuses every morning. Some ridiculous. Some legit sounding.
When he has a bad day, the teacher says it in front of him, and he melts later.
He's unhappy. He's hard on himself.
We're trying everything we know to do to improve Bug's behavior.
But we're not getting any input from his teachers. What we are getting is greeted at the door with a brief summary of what he did wrong--and an occasional "he had a great day." This is bad enough, but often its said with out son right there.
This is breaking my heart. Even as the old woman I am now, I remember fondly my early teachers and my excitement for school. I still have a strong affection for those ladies who made learning fun for me.
I want that experience for my kids.
I want them to love school, adore their teachers, and be eager to go every day.
I don't want them to worry if their teacher likes them.
Because that should be something no child worries about.
Bug should be worried about the three R's.
Reading, writing (can people not spell?), and rebellion.
Which is what got us to this point.

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