Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bug is trying so hard to fit into school.
But its like being dropped in a strange country where they don't speak you language and you don't know their customs.
He has good days, great days, and not so great days.
And we're still not even going full time.
But every day, he tries so hard. And on the good days, he glows. On the not so good ones, he stares at us in confusion and melts right before our eyes.
It's heartbreaking watching him.
I alternate between pride at his efforts and the desire to scoop him up and keep him with me and safe from all outside stresses.
We know that would last about five minutes. Max.
But I never thought about how difficult it would be for him to acclimate.
I though kids just went to school and it made sense.
Like a switch that got flipped when it was time.
Bug's switch is stuck halfway between baby and big boy.
And I don't know which way I want it to go.

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