Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today is my Doodle Bug's fifth birthday.
It's hard to believe it has been five years since he and I shared a body.
It's hard to believe the baby I held is now a boy who barely fits in my lap any longer.
He is my miracle baby, a child I was given after a horrific loss, a child I wasn't sure I could carry to term.
He is his father's mini me and his buddy. He is the first to run outside to play and the last to collapse at night.
He is the first to lose his temper and the last to forgive. But he is the child who gives affection most readily.
Bug is the child least like me, but the child I love so much because he is so much like his Daddy.
Today, I will pick up cupcakes and drinks to take to his school to celebrate.
We will have a family party.
And I will watch my boy take one step closer to becoming teh man he's meant to be.
I just wish he'd slow down a bit.
Happy birthday, baby Bug.
I love you whole bunch!

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