Monday, September 14, 2009

Still waiting

This is seriously like the pregnancy that never ends.
This court case, I mean.
No, I am not preggers.
It's been over two weeks since we proposed a settlement offer, and, like so many dates, we've put out and never heard back from them.
Our lawyer says they will offer a counter offer. They have to. But they could offer a ridiculously low amount. And we can't touch base with them because we might seem desperate.
I've got news for you, honey, I've got desperate written all over me in technicolor.
Yep, that's me.
The waiting is seriously killing me, inch by inch, complete with Chinese water torture.
I've never been patient. I'm not good at waiting.
I tried to convince my babies to vacate my womb early because I couldn't stand the waiting.
When it finally comes time for me to kick the bucket, the Grim Reaper better not be late or he'll get an earful.
I don't do patient.
So I pace. And wait. And pace. And bitch. And pace. And gripe. And pace.
Why won't they just give me the money?

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