Sunday, February 10, 2008

The House of Phlegm and Snot

There is nothing better than being awoken to a child coughing so hard and loud it sounds like a two pack a day smoker. And then discovering that your child has coughed so hard he's thrown up.
That began two night ago. since then, I've been on ICU nurse detail. Bug is sick. And he'll tell you in a wispy, cracked voice that he is sick. So I have Lysoled, steamed, medicated, Vick's, and sterilized everything he's come in contact or looked at in the last two days. I don't hold out a lot of hope that Boo will remain free of contagion, but at two years old, I can at least do something for him.
My little Punk is only six weeks old. Having a winter baby had already sent me into a panic regarding flu and RSV. I have been a germ Nazi since she was born. And now I find myself staring obsessively at her, waiting for chest compressions or any signs of illness, ready to wisk her off to the emergency room.
Which would be full of sick people, too.
My maternity leave ends tomorrow, making me abandon my baby and my boys to my husband's care. He's a man. He tries, honestly he does. But he's a man. He just doesn't get it. I know he'll take the best care of them that he possibly can. I also know that they will kick his parental butt.
Most days, I'd laugh. Crying seems more appropriate now.

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