Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Contagion Continues

As if it wasn't bad enough that Bug has this sinus junk that's going around, he oh so kindly shared with the rest of our family, including his seven week old baby sister, Punk. So I have three sick children.
Bug isn't content to just lay around on the couch and be sick. No, he has to follow me into whatever room I've gone into and announce in a scratchy voice, "I'm sick." Just in case the free flowing snot, flushed cheeks, and honking cough didn't tip me off. Thanks son.
Now Boo does the same, toddling behind me to announce, "Sick, Mama, sick." And then cough. Convincingly.
I'm waiting on Punk to do it.
We've killed off a bottle of children's tylenol, more pediatric vicks than I care to admit, vapor strips, vapor bath--you name the vapor product, we've done it. I've steamed my children in closed bathrooms with hot showers until they are par boiled and irritable. I've held them down and slathered any exposed body part with a greasy, camphorous substance, and I've chased them with tissue in hand demanding that they "Blow like you mean it!" I lay in my bed in the middle of the night, exhausted from working all day and being SUPERMOM at night (Capable of catching a bogey in two seconds flat!)
I've lost my mind.
Welcome to my world.

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Lee said...

Sheeze, all high tech aren't we.