Friday, February 8, 2008

Considering the unthinkable

How do you know its time for your three year old to begin attending a dayschool?
Is it when you discover no child gate can hold him? When he's outwitted every child safety product brought into the house? When he's teaching his younger brother all the tricks? After they've destoyed your five disc DVD changer? Pulled the wallpaper border off the walls? When is enough enough?
Yesterday was enough.
Yesterday while the baby and I were out, my husband sinned. He fell asleep.
Bug and Boo escaped, going into my washroom to do some laundry--wasn't that sweet of them? What helpful boys.
A baby bottle, Bug's beloved Penguin and Woobie (a Noukie Paco Doudous) later, Bug decided to add laundry detergent. The entire box. Half of which went into the washer, the other half on the floor.
Boo, being a bright child, realized that they would be in trouble for the mess, and grabbed the mop. Then, both boys figuring out that it wasn't going to work, they ran like hell.
Leaving a trail of little white footprints all over the hardwood floors.
I began looking into dayschools that very day.

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Jacob and Leah's Blog said...

LOL! about the wallpaper border, yep, jacobs big boy room walls have gone thru this same trauma! I don't know what i am going to do, it looks like half the walls are ripped apart! I just talked to my husband yesterday about finding a "preschool" that would take jacob at only 2 yrs old, haha, i was going insane!