Monday, February 4, 2008

And I thought this was a good idea why?

I'm one of those mothers you see in the store and avert your eyes from. Yes, I'm the car wreck, the drowning woman gasping for her last breath. I am that woman. You now the one I'm talking about. That woman's hair is pulled back into an untidy ponytail, her socks may match, she's lugging a four hundred pound diaper bag, trying to reason with an unreasonable toddler, pulling yet another box of cookies out of a preschoolers hands, all the while jiggling a baby on a shoulder covered in spit up. Her children are dressed better than she is in her tired yoga pants and t-shirt.
You can't look away, but, like a wild animal in the zoo, you're afraid to get too close.
I'm that woman.
I'm the mother of three children under four years of age.
Two boys, Bug and Boo, and a six week old daughter, Punk.
I'm outmanned, outgunned,and outmanuvered at every turn.
My children know it. You know it. Hell, even I know it.
If you get too close,you'll hear me whispering, "And I thought this was a good idea why?"

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