Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sliding in a winter wonderland!

Sleigh bells ring! Are you listening?
I'm a'fallen, the ice is glistening!
a pitiful sight. I'm broken tonight.
Slipping in a winter wonderland!

We have had a crap load of snow dropped on our state in the past week.
It has closed roads, school, and canceled Christmas with family who lived in town.
I have been sliding everywhere I've ventured in the past week.
In my car. On my feet. on my well cushioned arse as it hit the ice and slid down a hill.
I am my own toboggan, thank you very much.
My children love it.
Or they did for the fifteen minutes they were allowed out in it.
After thirty plus minutes of preparation to protect them from the cold and to make bathroom trips an endeavor.
Think of that stupid movie A Christmas Story."
(And, no, honey, mentioning it in this blog does not make it a classic movie, just a pop culture reference utilized to make a point. It is still a stupid movie and a waste of my time.)
Our Giant Schnauzer loves it, but then again, he's an idiot, so it's understandable.
I hate it. I hate the fact that i am now adult enough not to have visions of snowballs fights and snow forts dancing through my head. I hate it that all I can picture is getting stranded with three small children.
I hate it that my first thought was to stock up on food just in case.
I hate it, that when the first snow flake fell, I morphed into an adult with responsibilities who couldn't enjoy the beauty of the snow because I was concentrating on not driving off the road when my windshield wipers froze and wouldn't work.
In short, I really hate the snow.
And getting old.
And "The Christmas Story," just to round out the trilogy.

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Tequilamama said...

Hey now you can talk about my wife, kids and even my beloved dog but no one shall talk about Christmas Story. lol ---The MAN