Friday, December 18, 2009

P A N T Y!

That one simple word makes The Man whimper and plead for mercy.
And not in relation to my unmentionable undergarments.
But in relation to the fact our daughter will be potty trained very soon and will enter the world of PANTIES.
(I think I just heard him die a little right there. PANTIES! Oh! Dare I say it again?)
He can't stand the fact that his baby girl is taking her fledgling steps towards becoming a woman like her mother.
Who will marry a man like her father.
Who will have the same thoughts about The Man's baby girl as The Man used to have about me.
Used to.
I discourage those thoughts most vehemently now for two very distinct reasons.
1. I know what happens when you let a man have those thoughts. I have three kids and finally figured out how babies are made.
2. The Man is getting older and those thoughts make him excited and that is very hard on an old man's heart.
So I make it a point to respect his heebeegeebee's regarding panties.
I bring it up at every opportunity.
I show him the panties in stores.
And I'm even making up a song to the tune of BINGO to sing.
P! A! N! T! Y!
P! A! N! T! Y!
P! A! N! T! Y!
Panties are what she wears!

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