Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Generation Gap

The Man and I are currently embroiled in one of our useless, pointless, ridiculous arguments.
Seriously, when were engaged, we almost broke it off because of an argument over whether or not a certain sandwich was on McDonald's menu.
We don't argue about the big stuff. Never have.
We argue about inane things that don't matter at all in the greater scheme of things.
In case you aren't aware, The Man is a stalwart Christian Republican male. I, most definitely, and none of those things.
The Man is seven years older than I am and a veteran of two wars.
I, if I had been old enough to wear a bra, would have been burning it in protest of war. (The first go around. The second time, definitely old enough for the over the shoulder boulder holder.)
The Man is Conservative. I'm of the mind set you reap what you sow, and it will all come back around one way or another.
We vote for different presidents. We have different religious views. We don't even like the same foods.
And, somehow, we have survived fourteen years of marriage.
Go figure!
Anyway, this morning, on my way to work, we were having our normal discussion and The Man admitted that his generation screwed up the country (Vietnam, etc).
And I responded in my normal fashion. Rather than discussing the war and pertinant details of our discussion, I went for the part I knew would make him sputter.
"Yes, honey, you did screw up the world by getting into a 'Conflict' (I'm driving doing quotations with my fingers). But you really screwed up because you enjoyed people who liked to cross dress, wear platform heels, spandex, and make up."
Him: "Huh?" He is so eloquent.
"Yes, babe, your generations started the whole bring the cross dressers and gays out of their closets and into the main stream. Kind of hard to stand tall as a white republican male when you're wearing four inch stiletto's and fishnets."
Him: "Huh?"
"You know what I'm talking about, honey. Your generation supported cross dressers in their infancy. Way to go. You know, honey, with groups like Queen, KISS, and Elton John. You should really be proud that you made it possible for an entire series of generations to come out of the closet and stand proud."
At this point, he began defending his fave all time rock band, KISS, with all the vehemence of a die hard fan.
"Babe, you enjoy listening to grown men who prance around in tights, platforms, make up, etc. It explains why I find you wearing my clothes occasionally. But, you know what, babe. I support your right to cross dress if you want to."
(Just to clarify, he wears my socks, which he stretches out and ruins, my pajama pants, which right now are pink leopard print, and a few shirts. Not the low cut ones. He doesn't have the cleavage.)
Then, being the admirable debater that he is, he comes back with the witty reply, "Well, what about the New Kids on the Block?"
"One of them is gay, they may cross dress. Don't care."
Hell, we have Boy George and RuPaul.
But it all started with his generation, repressed and looking for an outlet.
And they found high heels, make up, and boas.
That's the legacy his generation gave my generation.
For which we all should be eternally grateful.
If, for nothing else, than for the fashion tips.
"I wanna rock and roll all night! And wear high heels every day!"
Rock on!


Tequilamama said...

For the record I was right on the McDonalds sandwich. lol You are just jealous that Kiss, ZZTOP, Journey etc ... was music and forever will be unlike the bands such as Marky Mark, Boy George or Prince. Also good one about the PJs I admit to wearing your socks. Overall no matter what I still love you even with your bad taste of music. After all "HANG TOUGH" --The Man

Tara said...

I will side with The Man on his comment about the music but we know I may be slightly biased. :)