Wednesday, December 2, 2009

another year older

And not a damned bit wiser am I!
What did I learn this last year?
How to coupon my ass off to feed my family.
How to juggle bills so we have food, electricity, a home.
Patience? (That one earned a big old guffaw)
What have I learned this year that has value?
I have learned that my love of my children has no limits and that I am willing to move heaven and earth to help a five year old acclimate to school.
I have learned that I would cry when my three year old stopped sucking his thumb and suddenly became a big boy.
I have learned that a two year old can win an argument against me more times than i care to admit.
I have learned that, despite days where I want to walk away, walking away isn't an option.
They just follow me.
Asking for milk and telling me they are tired and that their brother is touching them.
Have I done anything worthwhile with another year of my life?
Not really.
I have survived, like the Gloria Gaynor song.
And this year, that was enough.
So pour me a birthday margarita and come sing drunkenly with me.
Because, this year, that is enough.

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Tara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And may the next one bring worthy celebration (you know what I mean!)