Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Puke and Parenthood

Vomit is just part of being a parent, right?
From baby spit up to projectile vomiting, parents are expected to suck it up, not gaga, and deal with the all night pea soup events and still be up in the morning to go to work or to continue taking care of the sick and afflicted.
Last night, at midnight, The Man and I woke up out of a sound sleep to find that Boo had unleashed cottage cheese projectile spew on his bed and the hallway floor. While I had child's head over the toilet for the next round, The Man was gagging in the hallway cleaning up the mess. He left the bedding to me.
Repeat every thirty minutes all night, until I left for work and the man and Bug dosed off in our bed, thinking Boo asleep. Until Bug starting screaming that Boo was throwing up in our bed.
Being a good big brother, while The Man hosed off our wee little Exorcist wannabe, Bug stripped the bed and doused it with Febreeze to help out. Not bad for a four year old.
Then the other end of Boo began to run amok. My poor blue eyed baby is blowing at both ends and miserable. And I don't blame him. It sucks having your body turn on you without rhyme or reason. It sucks to be so thirsty you will drink anything, only to have it come back up out your nose. It sucks when you realize mom can't hold you because your covered in yuck and she's trying to clean you off.
It sucks as a parent because you can't do anything but hold their head and clean up their mess and wait. You can't make the virus run its course any faster. You can't make their stomach settle.
All you can do is clean up and wait and watch and hope it passes quickly.
And that you don't step in a pile checking on your child in the middle of the night.
Nothing like puke between your toes to make you feel like a real mom.

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