Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Helplessness, thy name is Mama

Boo is still sick.

I'm waiting on the pediatrician to call back to decide if he's severe enough to take in immediately or if we need to wait until this afternoon for a "real" appointment.

I am at work, almost in tears, because I'm not with my child.

The Man is.

I feel so helpless. A stomach bug is what they keep telling me. I'm not a novice mom. I've been around the rodeo before. I can handle a stomach bug with minimal distress.

I have the cape and the emblem for SuperMom.

And this virus is kicking my tail as sure as kryptonite does to Superman.

I'm watching my baby boy get worse, despite our best efforts, and I can't seem to stop it.

I have given him the meds and it doesn't work. I'm pushing fluids and they come right back up. I'm looking at him and he has the earmarks of dehydration--moderate, not severe. Yet.

Boo is laying on the floor most days, not rising unless prodded and cajoled. He's licking his lips and sneaking drinks, then throwing it back up.

He's miserable and hurting and I can't seem to get an answer or a solution.

I am helpless, which is a horrible feeling.

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