Friday, February 27, 2009

Lessons Learned

I've learned a valuable lesson this week.
When that pretty little service engine light comes on in your car, don't do anything.
Don't take it to a mechanic.
Don't ask whats wrong.
Just keep driving.
More money that I want to admit, I am bailing out a car "that was driving just fine when I took it in" out of the mechanics.
My Xterra, which has been a tried and true trooper, bailed on me, resulting in the new parts I can't explain or identify. My wallet is now much thinner and I'm sobbing on my checkbook.
So I've learned a lesson. When that light comes on in the future, I'm going to celebrate it in all its pretty orange glowy-ness. I'm going to decorate it and live with it and enjoy it, because if I take it in, I won't have money to enjoy anything every again!

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