Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worth more than gold and jewels

I think we often forget that we are all human.
We were all born into this world in the same manner and, eventually, we will all die.
The means to our ends does not matter when that end arrives.
Hopefully, it will be at the end of a long and fulfilling life. But if not, if a child dies without ever taking a breath or a young man dies in a car wreck, do their lives still have worth?
Yes, they do.
But what about people who have committed crimes? People who have made mistakes? Doe their lives still have worth?
Yes, they do.
They are still someones child, parent, friend, lover, spouse. To someone, they have value, they have worth, and, when they die, they are mourned.
I think we forget that.
Yes, they made mistake and poor decisions. Yes, they took a life that also had value.
But when they die, they will be missed. Their mother will weep over their graves. Their father will look at a baseball glove or a pair of ballet shoes and remember only their child is gone forever.
Every life has value.
And that value is immeasurable.

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Tara said...

Thanks for the reminder.