Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. This blog is dedicated to every mother, every where. I've got your back, ladies.
This is for those women who pray every month for two lines instead of one. And this is for he mothers that extra line makes them.
For the women who've carried a child only to had I over to another woman whose womb will never quicken. And for those women who accept and love another woman's child.
This is for the mother's who've loved a flicker of life, only to lose it, and for those who have carried that life to term.
This is for every mother who has loved and lost, burying a portion of her soul with that angel child.
For the mothers who feed with their bodies, and those who don't. For those mothers who remove every obstacle from their baby's path, and those who know their child will have to learn to do it for himself.
For the mothers who wave bravely when their baby boards the school bus, and for those mothers whose children will never return home from a school day.
For those who are involved in every activity, and for those who wish they were.
For those who sit in the bleachers an cheer themselves hoarse for the losing team, and for those springing for pizza regardless of the outcome.
For moms who've endured being peed on, pooped on, vomited on, cried on and screamed at.
For those moms who hear "I hate you" more often than "I love you".
For moms who work insides and outside of the home.
For moms who hug their children goodbye, sending them overseas and praying just to hold their baby once more. And to those moms who will never hold their children again.
For moms of special children, and moms of especially normal children.
For moms who look at their teen-age daughter as she tearfully tells her she is to be a grandma, and for moms of sons who hold them while their boys weeps for a new life begun.
For moms who answer the call when her children are overwhelmed by their own babies, rocking, walking, and holding the screaming child just to give the parents a moments respite.
For moms everywhere, this is for you, for the sisterhood born of blood, sacrifice, and love. A circle unbroken, which, one day, will make room for our daughters.
And for my own mom.
Happy Mother's Day.

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Lauren said...

"This is for the mother's who've loved a flicker of life, only to lose it..."

Thank you for that.