Monday, May 5, 2008

As fragile as an egg

Even the most solid marital foundation will show cracks in time.
And some parts of marriage are as fragile as an egg.
If you look at an egg, it seems both amazingly strong and painfully delicate. And, if lucky, in time, an egg produces a new life. The same oculd be said of a marriage.
A marriage seems to be the same, a strange mixture of strong and breakable.
So what happens when your marital egg gets broken?
What happens when one spouse breaks the bonds of trust and faith? How do you react?
Do you turn the other cheek, playing ostrich and hiding your head in the sand until the pain passes?
Do you cash in your chips and head for greener pastures, hoping the pain will ease in time?
Tell me, how would you handle a broken heart?


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry , I don't know what to tell you , but that I hope you can get past this , and find the silver lining in the cloud

Anonymous said...

Mayo, After reading your column yesterday I find myself sending you thoughts & best wishes often. Blessed Be...

The Nowling's said...

I am sorry that you are having this dilemma. I read your Blog often and find it interesting, comforting, and humorous. Today I have empathy for you and hope that what ever is going on can be worked out. Me and my husband have our ups and downs, and I was worried that adding a 3rd child to the mix would bring us down, but it has had the opposite effect. Sometimes time can heal, or make you see the light. I think it is important to wait until your head is in a better place before making any decisions. Hugs for you....

Thirsty Girl said...

I am experiencing this sort of question. For me the time and effort put into my marriage holds a lot of weight. Maybe I am stubborn but I won't give in. This also means accepting things that I never thought I would accept. Marriage is a lot harder than I thought and my romanticized idea of it is gone. Both my husband and I have grown. We have both been incredibly stupid. We are just two people stumbling through life. That being said while I am willing to accept mistakes, I cannot accept repeated, blatant disrespect of me or our marriage. Blah that may have been too convuluted. Sorry. Many positive thoughts coming your way.