Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm not going to debate.
I'm not going to argue.
I'm just going to state the facts.
The state of Oklahoma, and many states, do not require that insurance companies pay for treatments needed by autistic children and adults.
They do cover persons suffering from self inflicted diseases, such as lung cancer, alcoholism, and drug addiction.
They cover cancer, heart disease, and other physical illnesses and ailments.
But they do not cover autism.
I have been blessed with three healthy children, but I know other parents who are living within the financial burden of paying for an autistic child's many needs.
And insurance companies don't believe they need to cover those children.
Instead, we pay premiums and deductibles to cover people who have chosen to smoke, drink, or use drugs.
Seems perfectly reasonable to cover a consenting adult with bad judgement than a child with no choice.
Do something.
Contact your elected officials.
Make your voice heard.
Because an autistic child can't, we must speak for them.
Speak loud and long about this injustice. Look into the face of your children and consider how you would feel if your child was autistic.
Let the voice of an autistic child come from our mouths.

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