Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Show Time!

Bug has entered a new phase.
"SHOW TIME!" he yells as he runs into the living room and strikes a pose.
Then he yells at his brother to get in there and help with the show.
The show consists of a lot of gyrating, flaying, and posing, and the Man and I suitably applaud the effort every five minutes.
It's very cute to watch my future Broadway producer orchestrate dances with hats and spins and sudden stops, all the while looking to us for approval.
He doesn't realize he has no control over his brother, who is supposedly part of the show, and his baby sister, whose determined to steal the show.
It brings back memories for me of being a child and dancing around my yard, imagining myself to be a rock start or a dancer or a singer.
Maybe Bug will be famous one day.
Maybe he will just enjoy dancing around the house in his socks and undies like Tom Cruise.
Maybe he will just look back fondly at his childhood antics as he watched his own offspring dance and flail around to music.

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