Monday, May 4, 2009


I have a new beau, a new love, a new boyfriend.
And The Man doesn't even care!
He has gorgous blue eyes, a cleft chin, a great smile, stands just over three feet tall and runs like Charlie Chaplin on crack.
Yep, my Boo baby.
Last weekend, Boo declared, in a very serious and grown up tone, that i was his girlfriend.
In his mind, this involves snuggling close on the couch, petting my face, arms, and belly, and announcing our relationship to teh world.
In fact, he greets me with, "Hey there, girlfriend!" which means he's either channelling his inner woman or he's heard it somewhere.
It's cute, and the extra affection is nice. And he's so serious about it.
We have a date Friday for ice cream. I'm paying, 'cause he likes it that way. Wouldn't want me to turn into a kept woman, I'm sure.

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