Monday, May 11, 2009

June enters the workforce

The Man and I joke that I am Ward Cleaver and he is my June. I go to work and he stays home with Bug, Boo, and Punk. (There will be no Beaver references! Well, unless I just can't help myself!)
The Man returns to work today.
I'm losing my house husband, my cook and dishwasher, my babysitter. I'm losing everything that made my life easier for the past year.
But I'm gaining a paycheck.
Hmmm. Is the trade off worth it?
Is it worth having to make my own meals and clean up after them? Having to bathe the heathens and put them to bed? Having to fold my own laundry?
Is a paycheck really worth it?

Oh hell yes!
Sing with me! "Money, money, money, money!"
Thankfully you can't see me through the computer or you'd see me dancing in my granny panties, sagging and unsupported, rubbing a one dollar bill all over my body. I'm poor. One dollar is all I have.
Unlike Ward, who was content for June to stay home in her housedresses, come the start of his work week, The Man will find my foot on his ass kicking him out the door.
I will happily send him back into the fray. And I will wait for his checks to start coming in.
The 1950's "Leave it To Beaver" Ward might have been too stupid to pimp his June out for money, but my mama didn't raise no fool.
Have a nice day at work, honey!


Tara said...

ROFL! Best of Luck June. Oh to be a fly on the wall. I think it would be fun to watch Ward during the first week. Just remember - its dinner, strip the clothes off the kids, dump 'em in the tub, dress 'em in PJs and then to bed. Trying to put them in the tub with clothes on will not kill 2 birds with one stone. Got it?

olive said...