Monday, May 18, 2009

Feminine Wiles

My girl knows what she wants and sets out to get it, an admirable trait, certainly.
Sunday, she wanted her uncle's undivided attention.
Upon arrival, she proceeded to demand the choicest bits of his lunch, which he provided, not realizing that she was eating everything on his plate before he could.
I watched her toddle to him, lean down, and stare in his face as he lay on the floor watching TV, totally obscuring his view of everything but her.
Punk followed him around all day, squealing to be picked up, crying when he got out of her sight.
And her uncle would come hurrying back to pick her up. Because the tears were not acceptable.
It was a riot to watch a grown man felled by a baby midget girl.
And none of us volunteered to help him or to rescue him. Truthfully, we sat back and laughed as she sharpened her claws on his tender flesh.
Punk is just practicing her feminine wiles on a safe target.
Look out in a few years though!

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