Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We survived

We survived what has become known in our family and Potty Training Baby Booty Camp 2010.
It has taken me almost two weeks to recover and to feel confident in saying, yes, my daughter is potty trained.
Does that mean there are no accidents? Nope. Getting through the night dry is still iffy. It does mean she understands that she is to pee and poop in the potty and she hasn't worn a diaper in two weeks.
It was--is--one of the hardest things physically I have ever done. By end of day one, I was hobbling like a pregnant lady in her last trimester from grabbing Punk and running to the restroom a thousand times that day. She had fourteen accidents on day one. I doubted my sanity and my wisdom. Daily occurances, but especially disheartening at that time.
Day two was better--four accidents--and I saw a bit of hope.
Day three was exactly as I was told. One accident and she seemed to udnerstand.
Sent her to school on day four, no accidents.
Day five and day six, she pooped her pants at school.
So the following weekend, we had a mini booty camp.
And no accidents since.
But I'm spending a lot more time in bathrooms. Punk loves to check out the facilities everywhere we go, multiple times.
We went to the circus and I took her no less than forty times (at least that is how it felt to me). By the end, she was struggling to force out the droplets required to keep me from going postal.
So it was certainly a successful endeavour. I have no diapers left. The pull ups are being doled out to friends. And I am infinitely grateful that she is my last.
Because I wouldn't survive another go round.

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