Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh whiner, where art thou?

Oh yeah! Right there in my almost four year old son.
Boo has become a consummate whiner.
He can't speak normally any longer. Everything is said in whines.
"He's touching me."
"She took my toy."
"I'm hungry." (Said thirty seconds after his feet hit the floor in the morning and always said before he thinks of good morning.)
"I don't like ice cream."
"You are the best mommy in the world for not strangling me as a whine about eight hundred inconsequential things just to drive you batty."

Okay, so he hasn't whined the last one. Yet.
Boo is whiney weiner.
And I'm tired of it.
He used to be a wonderful communicator. sweet, articulate, and non whiney.
Listening to him used to not make my ears bleed and my eyes glaze over.
Now I run from room to room to avoid him.
I do extra laundry to avoid listening to him.
I wait until he's asleep to initiate conversations.
Right now, I can't stand to listen to my whiney, temper tantrum throwing himself down on the floor/ground/road middle child.
And it's sad, because I love my child.
Most days.
When he's not talking to me in that voice.
On those days, all bets are off, and I've placed him at the corner with a sign saying, "Free to a good, deaf home."
So far the deaf are smarter than I am. Even without being able to hear him, they know a whiney weiner when they see one.
Whyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeee?

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