Sunday, March 7, 2010

The bowels of hell and laughing all the way

When Dante envisioned his levels of hell, he didn't picture sports moms.
I'm not talking about the crazy loving it ones.
I'm talking about those of us who sit there because our kids are playing, but who couldn't care less about anything sports related.
I am that mom.
And I'm okay with that.
If the entire sports universe imploded upon itself tomorrow, I'd be okay with that.
Hell, I would be dancing in the streets with joy.
But I have now sat through one wee ball practice, one soccer practice, and one soccer scrimmage like a good and dutiful mother.
And there's not enough Jack and coke in the world to make me enjoy anything remotely associated with the sport.
But I love seeing the smile on my sons faces.
That is why I sat there, freezing, watching my other two heathens, and trying to cheer at the appropriate moments.
That is why I will do it again this week and for countless, endless weeks from now on.
I will hover in my own circle of hell, happy for my heathens, and praying they become band nerds.
Please, let them be band geeks.
Or drama queens.
Even in high heels.

1 comment:

Tara said...

"trying to cheer at the appropriate moments" Why do I sense an edit took place and you removed the line following "only to find out I've been cheering when the other team scores"? If Jack and Coke ain't cutting it, may I suggest some Gentleman Jack. Neat.