Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My Buddha baby turns four today.
It hardly seems possible that we have survived four years of this parenting relationship with as few scars as we have.
In the last year, I have watched as my Boo baby has grown from toddler to preschooler. He has started school, made friends, and grown by leaps and bounds. It is amazing to watch how he has changed in just one short year. Gone are the chubby baby cheeks and fat little hands, replaced by slim cheeks and sure hands.
Boo now is the family clown, dancing and looking for attention for his wild antics. And he is Punk's protector, a knight in footie jammies ready to defend his sister against all foes.
And the evil little imp has thrown me over for The Man.
"I like sharks. Do you like sharks, Daddy?"
"I love mustard, just like you, right, Daddy?"
"I have green eyes like daddy."
"Daddy, I love you whole bunch."
"Mommy, I love you a little bit."

I ask for a hug and he runs.
And forget about any kisses.
He comes to sit on my lap, just to pass gas and giggle.
And he's only really interested in me when there is food involved.
The Man loves it. A child who prefers him! Finally!
But I am plotting this birthday to reclaim my child.
Boo wants a shark party for his birthday (damn The Man!) so we have having a shark party to end all shark parties.
For which, knowing my son, he will thank his father and ignore me.
My little boy is growing up. And, even though he loves his father best of all, I am honored to share this journey with him.
Happy birthday, Boo baby. I love you like crazycakes.

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