Monday, February 15, 2010

What did I do to deserve this?

My middle child, my sweet, happy boy punched a girl in the nose at school today.
The reason?
She told him he wasn't the boss of her.
He punched her and then yelled, "Yes I am! My mommy told me I'm the boss!"
I think it's time for a reality check on child number two.
It will not be pretty.
He is not the boss. He has never been the boss. He never will be the boss. My son's will undoubtedly marry a woman just like me, and, like their father, will not even be the boss in their dreams.
Unlike Tony and Angela's topsy turvy chaos in "Who's the Boss", I will brook no question.
I am the supreme, all powerful, all knowing, kicking ass mama san boss in our home.
And my son will be learning that lesson tonight.
All hail me!

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