Monday, February 1, 2010

Potty Princess

We're in the starts and stops stage of potty training Princess Punk.
She starts off great, then stalls out.
I like to think its the Kegaling method of potty training.
But with punk startign school in just two days (gasp!), I feel the need to run amok and experiment on my youngest offspring.
She doesn't deal well with pull ups.
So I put her in Little Mermaid panties.
And enlisted her two big brothers to remind her to pee pee in the potty and not in her panties.
(Nice use of alliteration, huh?)
So far, so good.
But I won't let her sit on any furniture that cannot be wiped off, which is crimping her play style big time.
I thought it best to do this now, before we installed her carpet in the house.
I've survived potty training my boys--barely--but for some reason, potty training a wee little midget of a girl seems much, much harder.
Maybe because she is my last?
Maybe I am clinging to the last vestiges of her babyhood to make myself feel better?
That only works if I don't think about the sheer amount of money we have spent on diapers and pull ups in the last five plus years.
When I do the math, averaging 16 cents a diaper, times 20 changes a day (again average between three kids) for 5 years, which is 1821 days, you get something like this:
.16x20=3.2x1821=$5827 spent on diapers.
And that's just a rough estimate.
Okay, back to the potty she goes!
And extra almost 6k would have gone very far in the past five years.

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