Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This week

The Man and I will say goodbye to another furry companion.
Our beagle, Kahlua, will join Peepaw, Tequila, Saki, and our zoo's polar bear in the stars. (That's according to my children.)
We have been blessed by Kahlua's sweet nature and easy love for almost fourteen years. But she is in pain and tired, and I have always vowed I will let them go before I will let them suffer unnecessarily.
I will thank her for her love and companionship, for her devotion. I will thank her and apologize for all that my children have put her through. And I will hold her as her soul leaves her body.
I will cry, sorry for myself at the loss of a friend, and in happiness for her as she finds peace.
She is a joy and a love and will be sorely missed.
Blessed be, Kahlua. And thank you.

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