Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three days

Bug has had three good days of school thus far--last Friday was a winner, and Monday and Tuesday have been great.
We're creeping into Wednesday hopeful and quaking with fear.
And this morning, he woke up in THAT mood.
The "I don't want to" and "I'm gonna have a bad day" mood that sent me scurrying to the bathroom to take deep breaths and pray toe very deity I could come up with.
Shiva and me--old buddies. Buddha got his belly rubbed. You get the picture.
So i did what every self respecting parent would do when faced with insurmountable odds.
I tickled him until he almost wet himself and oxygen was a luxury.
His mood perked right up then!
Then w danced the good day dance, sang the good day song, and I retreated while I was sort of ahead of the game.
I will spend my day at work worrying, stressing, and waiting for the call to tell me how his day went and if I need to pick up bribes for his teachers to let him come back tomorrow.
His attitude is really affecting my pocketbook.

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