Friday, October 23, 2009

Bed Bugs

I have bed bugs.
Not the gross, biting kind, but the giggling, wriggling, little boy kind.
Every night to early morning, I end up with an unexpected bed mate.
A very cute one, but still.
They hog the covers, put toes up my nose, fart, drool, and snore.
And I end up not going back to sleep.
I've tried being stern about it.
Which results in tears and wailing from their room.
And I still don't sleep.
I was always very firm in my belief that children should not be in their parents bed. Until Punk came along, and, desperate for sleep, I caved.
And it's been snowballing since then.
And since Boo started school, its become a nightly thing.
I wake up to find him in our bed, on the end of our bed, staring at me from the side of the bed.
I hear his bear jangling as he comes down the hall.
I am sleep deprived because my kids want to be with me, in my bed, and they aren't good bed mates.
They turn sideways, upside down, fling arms, head butt me, and all the while, I'm huddling behind my pillow praying to the blasted Sand Man to knock them out so hard they stay still.
I love my bed bugs, but I'm about to unleash a big old can of Raid on them if I don't get some sleep soon!

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