Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The sound of . . . .D'oh!

The Man has had some choice parenting moments lately, including but not limited to:
Bathing the heathens then giving them dinner. With ketchup.
Telling me Bug will not run off at school.
This particular piece of parental wisdom resulted in me chasing my five year old, gasping, wheezing, fat flapping in the breeze.
He stopped so I could catch him, kind child that he is.
The Man is really having some d'oh moments lately.
Not that I am perfect. Not that I don't do stupid, boneheaded things that make me slap myself senseless.
I just can't remember any right now.
Convenient huh?
And before he gets his feelers hurt, he is a great parent. With lapses of memory and judgement thanks to the onset of dementia brought on by his ripe old age of forty.
While I am spry and lively and in control of all my faculties thanks to my youth.
(I can hear The Man sputtering indignantly right now!)

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